All aboard the macbethoff hype train featuring the Falconheart

Fantastic artist, and his work came out really well. Also really easy to work with and he was great about touching up the sword’s crossguard. 


Asuryan Caernough, Lord High Chancellor of Lordaeron

by macbethoff

Oh awesome!! It’s a shame about SVA, but it’s still very cool that you’re in the States! Have you thought about coming to Shatterdome DC in November?? It’s not too far from where you’re at!

Ohhhh in November! I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks, ferio! :)

:000 Where are you studying?

In Columbus, Ohio! It’s too sad I can’t meet you at SVA because of money :(

Best of luck on your new life abroad and in the new school! :-)

Thank you for your kindness! (u.u